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Because every child, everywhere in the world, deserve a chance

Les Galopins de Calcutta supports “PBKOHJP BOYS HOME”, project of Paschim Banga Krira O Janakalyan Parishad, NGO in Kolkata, is a non-profit organization founded in May 1999 by a French volunteer and is legally registered under French law.
It aims at improving the lives of children living on the streets of Kolkata by offering them a stable environment where they can learn, grow and flourish. Abandoned and lost, these children have fled abusive homes and left to fend for themselves, often begging or enslaving themselves to survive. As such, they have no hope and no future.

OUR ACTION: to educate and integrate

The association's main focus is to provide a home and an education to more than 30 children between the ages of 5 and 20 years old. They are housed in 2 separate flats (the Red House for the little ones, and the Blue House for older children), and are educated in English to better their chances on the job market. They are supported and encouraged to further their studies as much as possible and reach their full potential. Most of them will attend boarding school and gain a higher education.

Boarding schools allow the children to:

  • receive a good quality education in English
  • enjoy great sporting facilities, as well as cultural and personal enrichment activities
  • function in a better environment and away from the streets

The children who do not succeed academically are directed towards professional training courses such as catering, hospitality, mobile phone technicians, etc.

We assist them for any administration registration to a good work reintegration

The social aspect is a crucial part of the association's work:
Until they come to us, the boys will have been fighting for their daily lives roaming in the filth and contempt of Kolkata's overcrowded train stations.
The association helps them restore their smile and regain self-confidence, allowing them to be children, to play, study and enjoy an almost normal childhood.

In the homes, children find:

  • a calm, clean and peaceful environment
  • someone they can talk to, who will support and love them
  • Find comfort and support in each other ...where they are:
  • academically supported and medically followed
  • nourished and looked after
  • able to play and have fun
  • and maybe get back in touch with their family when they have one

HOW TO HELP: donations, sponsoring, financial partners, communication, time

Donations: most of our financial resources come from individual donations

Sponsoring: each child is sponsored not only does sponsorship helps a child financially it also allows the sponsor and the child to get to know each other ( through letters or social medias such as Skype or Facebook) The sponsor can also be a moral support to the child . Many of our children's sponsors have visited Kolkata and met with their sponsored child.

Financial partnership: we seek financial contribution from companies or foundations to help finance the boarding school fees. However, Corporate funding is usually allocated for up to 2 years, and we must keep on finding new funding to secure our future.

Individual and personal contribution: we have been privileged to be supported by dedicated and committed volunteers who have given their time and energy to raise funds through presenting the work of our association at special events, or simply by assisting with the in-house tutoring, or by donating well needed clothes, stationery, toys, books, etc..., or to bring some of its directly to Kolkata.


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